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SteadyDOG™ induces safe, gentle calming brain frequencies.


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What is SteadyDOG™

SteadyDOG™ is an IsoChronic Sound Therapy that calms, soothes and relaxes all dogs gently, safely and drug-free in 2 minutes or less!


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How does SteadyDOG™ work?

SteadyDOG™ induces adjusted brain isochronic tones developed with science-proven Theta frequencies that activate a zen meditative state of mind and modulate cognitive behaviour in a soothing , calming and gentle way; relaxing excited Dogs – literally like a day at the Spa.


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Serenity for Dog Owners

Anywhere, Anytime – Even from your Phone, iPod, Car or any Media player! If Barking drives you crazy this could be your life-changer!

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