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How it Works.

Isochronic tones have been developed through years of research and designed with today’s state-of-the-art brain wave Sound therapy technology. It has been used very effectively as a method of stimulating human brain development; part of a complex neurological process recognized as brainwave enhancement, which enables the use of audio or visual stimuli to rewire the brain and help people with a variety of behavioural conditions.


SteadyDOG™ technology has been developed around a balanced wave-pulse intensity of a sound oscillating a tone in an evenly-spaced manner; rewiring zen cognitive-behaviour.

The complexity of the brain has been captivating medical research and institutions for centuries to understand how it work. Our proprietary technology has been developed and designed for Dogs based on cerebral electric calibrationofcanidae’s 4 states of mind;

  • Beta > 14-40 Hz Alert
  • Alpha > 7.5-14 Hz Lucid
  • Theta  > 4-7.5 Hz Relaxed
  • Delta > 0.5-4 Hz Deep Sleep

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