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The Story Behind.

It all started with Kerby…1069017_10151778883075041_1161875035_n

We had dogs as long as I can remember at my dad’s house, mostly Great Dane and the day I decided to move by myself with my gf at the time; we decided to adopt the cutest baby Caniche Toy we saw in a pet-shop. The following months were extensive work, but a labour of love…

Until Kerby grew up and like any respectable poodle start barking, jumping, running, damaging all the furniture’s while he was becoming a bit crazy even though we had attended expensive dog training boot camps. Was it the techniques, us, Kerby or simply its inherent nature ?

Nothing beat the joy of this bundle of love when arriving from an exhausting day of work but neither was I prepared for the 18 years of intense barking I had to become used to. One day, after developing product based on brain frequency I decided to redirect my research on sound therapy toward Dogs cognitive behaviour and see how we can positively influence it.

After testing for years and adapting enhanced binaureal and isochronic tones, I developed a break-through proprietary technology balancing pulse-like brain waves to induce a soothing Theta State through an holistic approach, I tried it on over 55 breeds all across the world. The results were spectacular and the feedback overwhelming.

The next step was a natural one; make universal as an household product SteadyDOG™ to ensure;

  • A calm, soother and relax companions when it’s neededinstant-download
  • Dogs and their owners can share peaceful times and serenity
  • That no more Dogs end-up at the Shelter for Barking too much
  • Limit drastically Dogs that are putted down based on behaviour

And the list goes on! The product is so effective that it’s fully backed with a money-back guarantee of 60 days!

If you are not 1000% satisfy, we will fully reimburse your online purchase, it’s that simple!

Go Zen with SteadyDOG™and get your best friends a day at the Spa from your Smartphone

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