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Non-Profit Fundraising.

Animal Shelters, Spay & Neuter Center and countless non-profit organization across the world knows how hard is it to raise money for your cause.  

In this economy, 501c3 are fighting for the same dollars against social and human services, educations, health, faith-based groups, community services and so on. As everybody knows, donors, foundations and welthy families are already over solicited. You have to give back value and Today there’s a new way to raise money. Easier than before but more importantly way more relevant in the context of helping Dogs.

Sadly Behavioural problems are the most common reason for euthanasia in dogs and this should not be the case. Hopefully more and more dog owner discover SteadyDOG and how they can improve in minutes their dogs behaviour and bring back serenity into their home without putting their companions down.

Thousands like him need helpIt is also an opportunity for non-profit organization to solve the problem, share the good news and raise money quickly. From Downloadable Voucher to Instant Download via Qr-codes, your Team can raise money on the go with touch-free transaction!

Our state-of-the-art technology allow your fundraiser to sell on the go, on the street to any dog owners, to distribute card and flyers on cars windshield that are electronically readable by today’s smartphone,and sign them up to our free never-lost-again Qr-tag database or simply to sell them up via a Tab or any Mobile connected through the Web!

Can’t be easier! Start Raising real money now through our innovative solution!

We provide a comprehensive report so you can monitor progression, track effective fundraiser, pin down donors and get paid via electronic transfer. 100 Hassle-Free.

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