SteadyDOG™ keeps your Dog Happy, Relax and Bark-Free from your Smartphone. Anywhere. Anytime. Get INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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SteadyDOG is a new proprietary technology combining science-proven isochronic and binaural tones that calm, sooth and relax any dog from any compatible Smartphone. These balanced pulse-like brain waves improve drastically canine cognitive behavior by inducing progressively adjusted isochronic tones that enable Theta frequency brain syncing.

“We are excited to provide dog owners the ability to tune their best friend into a relaxed state of mind and relieve them from urban living stress in a way that’s never been done before,”
said Diego Blais, inventor of SteadyDOG™. “People can now sooth and pacify their dog of any breed, anywhere, anytime, on any device, literally like a day at the spa, without having to worry about time-consuming training or medications. They can now even tame aggressive behavior in minutes and at a click of a button. No other dog innovation has offered this interactive capability so we’re expecting a lot of buzz and a tremendous response for this 21st century solution.”

For the first-time ever, dog enthusiasts from around the world can enjoy natural and serenity by downloading instantly on their Smartphone SteadyDOG™ Living Melody – by visiting or by buying downloadable vouchers at their favorite pet products retailers that they can securely redeem online – visiting and experience immediately a cooler companion at the click of a button.

Fast-Facts about SteadyDOG™ benefits;

  • Stress-relief at-hand
  • Prevent Excessive Barking
  • Alleviate Wild Excitement Burst
  • Cool-Down Aggressive Behaviors
  • Relieve and Cure Continual Anxiety
  • 100% Compatible with iOS and Android

SteadyDOG™ added recently new downloadable voucher card through pet product retailers and gift card resellers around the world permitting touch-less transaction and instant download for every dog owner, regardless of their location, culture or languages. For more information please visit:

“With Pet products wholesalers and Pet food manufacturers showing a growing interest to complement their line of products with SteadyDOG™ licenses; We are thrilled to expand our reach and bring this technology to dog families across the globe” added Diego Blais. “We are so proud to be leading this unique niche by offering pet lovers the ability to enjoy their passion for dogs – whether it is Tokyo, London, Wellington, Dubai, New York, Mexico, Paris or Portland. It’s truly phenomenal to see how global this technology is, transcending cultures, locations and breeds”.

SteadyDOG™proprietary technology calm, relax and sooth any dog, anytime, anywhere and from any device by inducing adjusted pulse-like brain waves that gently tunes theta frequencies; improving canine cognitive behavior in minutes. SteadyDOG™ Living Melody is available in Instant Download and through Redeemable Vouchers while SteadyDOG™Lite version is currently sold in over 122 countries through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Rdio and through publishing partners licensing. For more informations; visit

Contact: Enri Leal
Mobile: 1.604.442.5238
Toll-Free: 1.866.379.2569 x711